The Global Standard for BMX Starting Gates and BMX Practice Gates


Not only has the Pro Gate proven to be the most reliable start gate system on the market and one of the few that offers a complete package; Pro Gate has been instrumental in developing the random start gate cadence together with UCI. It has certainly proven itself by being used at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, UCI BMX World Championships, and the Olympic Games. Just a few years ago, start gate systems were different all over the world and very unreliable. Now, at every major UCI event, we know that the start gate system will run smoothly without any interruptions.

—Johan Lindstrom – CEO and Founder, Global SX Events

Over the course of the last several years we have built a good working relationship with Pierce and the team at Pro Gate. For a small company, he has done a great deal for us in “Value in Kind” contributions of his time and equipment. His financial support of our program is in excess of $20,000 USD.

We installed their Straight 8 Gate system in our 8 meter Supercross start ramp hill in Chula Vista, California. This is a very difficult environment with salt air and dry desert heat alternating throughout the year. That changing humidity and high variation in temperature can be very hard on machinery.

The system has worked well and has been very reliable with little maintenance on our part. The entire United States Olympic team has trained on Pro Gate Systems. On the rare occasion when we have had an issue, we called Pierce. He has made himself available via cell phone at all hours of the day or night to help. He is generally able to troubleshoot the issue over the phone and produce a solution very rapidly. The bottom line is that he has done a great job for us at USA Cycling and our partners at the United States Olympic Training Facility in Chula Vista.

—Mike King, Member of the National BMX Hall Of Fame

To be able to practice/train on the Pro Gate which is used in Supercross, World, and Continental races has played a huge part in my success in becoming dual World Champion in 2009 and will continue to help me with future successes in BMX. Sarah Walker 2x Women’s Elite World Champion

—Sarah Walker, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist

The Pro Gate System is highly recommended for its safety, design, ease of installation and operation. There is no other Starting system in the BMX world that has been so thought out. The evolution has been built in from its inception, a gate and electronics system that is always updated with the changing demands of the racers.

Pro Gate has been instrumental in the safety of our BMX racers from Domestic and International local level to Olympic level Athletes. Pro Gate has been active and supports the local level racing and National level racing in the USA promoting the sport of BMX through its continued education and safety.

The owners and staff at Pro Gate are among the finest to work with even in the field if a question arises.

Thank you Pro Gate for the Safest system and your continued support and education Internationally and Domestic for the sport of BMX.

—Eric Bress – Contract Builder, Elite Trax

This is to attest to the importance of involving ProStuff in the development of BMX in Quebec. Involved since 2009 with the Quebec Cycling Federation (FQSC) ProStuff is one of those companies dedicated to support us in projects contributing to the growth of BMX in Quebec. In 2011, the company has generously offered to completely recondition two systems starting Pro Gate; involvement ProStuff has no more or less allowed us to achieve new heights for BMX in Quebec. The partnership between ProStuff and FQSC began with projects aimed at increasing awareness of BMX in Quebec. When he made his first tour of introduction to BMX, FQSC looking for ways to enhance the experience of young people who participated in these activities. ProStuff us, moreover, graciously loaned a portable starting gate for the realization of these activities. With no sites within the drive, this system has also allowed athletes to Team Quebec, who train in the winter to improve their starting technique.

In 2010, ProStuff FQSC proposed to upgrade and repackage existing two systems starting in Quebec. This offer came to fruition in early 2011, with the signing of an agreement. Pro Gate the system will start official FQSC until 2013. This contribution has enabled the ProStuff National Cycling Centre in Bromont (CNCB) to boost its activities BMX, since the state of his starting grid was no longer in use. The CNCB is a sensitive point in the development of BMX in Quebec. BMX National Championships will also have benefited from this agreement, this test was able to take place under perfect conditions, and to the delight of the participants, spectators and journalists. The involvement of ProStuff overflows, in our view, much of the business environment. ProStuff is a company devoted to the cause of BMX, and that is why we support it. On behalf of the FQSC, I am pleased to certify the quality of efforts to develop the BMX ProStuff in its entirety. Please accept my sincere greetings.

—Bruno Vachon – BMX Cyclo-Cross Technical Director, FQSC

With several new world class Tom Ritzenthaler built or inspired tracks around the country and in conjunction with Pro Gate systems, which the majority of clubs now have, New Zealand is building some great assets for the sports riders, which I am sure will show itself, none more so, than at the world championships that will be held here in 2013.

Finally I would like to say that my dealings with Pierce Barker and his Pro Gate team has, been and will continue to be, a great experience. As a race commentator, I travel to most of the events each season around the country and I know a lot of people. I have not heard one negative thing said regarding Pro Gate, from any individual or club officials in their dealings over their purchases from the Pro Gate/ Prostuff company. If there have been any issues with the gear, Pro Gate have “put it right”, no questions asked and that’s all I can ask as a representative of their product.

So in conclusion, Pro Gate have good market share here in New Zealand with their one, two and eight man start gates. This is a good thing as when events are held throughout the country, one club will often ask another neighboring club to bring their Pro Gate equipment to the race meeting as a backup, just in case of any failure. This is helping to future proof our sport and the respect that the customer “the rider” has when a club has the best start gate, is immense.

I have no hesitation in my recommending Pierce Barker or his company to any potential customer or individual. I have to utmost respect for this man and what he has contributed to the sport, his business and some of the lucky athletes who gain his further support.

—Jon Sarten – Crupi New Zealand

Everyone seems to love the Safety Gate. I can’t believe tracks still want the Straight 8 over the 8 rider Safety Gate. The Pro Gate UCI Safety Gate is the future of BMX gates.

—Shawn Loewen – President, Edmonton BMX Association

To ensure the safety of all riders in the sport, we researched a lot of products on the market. What we found with the ProGate was exactly what we were looking for. We purchased the 8 man UCI Safety Gate in 2008 and it has performed flawlessly! The riders love it’s consistency and quiet functionality, parents love the safety factor this gate provides, and we as a club know we made the right choice! Pierce Barker III + Ed Doherty were easy to work with in getting us up and running and have continued to assist us in anything that we need. If you’re looking for a BMX start gate, there is no better product on the market!

—Steve Mysek – Past President, Okotoks BMX

(On Pro Gate Junior) Refining gate technique is an integral part to anyone’s racing success. But at local tracks, you must work around the pace of the gate starter and the practice schedule. With the Pro Gate Jr., at the privacy of my own home, I get to bug neighbors any time I want, by repeating gate after gate, as I work toward perfecting that winning form.

—Donny Robinson – Olympic Bronze Medalist

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