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Pro Gate Testimonial by BMX Program Manager, Mike King

Over the course of the last 10 years we have built a good working relationship with Pierce and the team at Pro Gate. For a small company, he has done a great deal for us in “Value in Kind” contributions of his time and equipment. His financial support of our program is in excess of $20,000 USD.

When I was in Chula Vista, we installed the Pro Gate Straight-8 Gate system on the 8-meter Supercross start ramp hill. This is a very difficult environment with salt air and dry desert heat alternating throughout the year. That changing humidity and high variation in temperature can be very hard on machinery.

—Mike King, National BMX Hall of Fame Member

The Pro Gate System is highly recommended for its safety, design, ease of installation and operation. There is no other Starting system in the BMX world that has been so thought out. The evolution has been built in from its inception, a gate and electronics system that is always updated with the changing demands of the racers.

Pro Gate has been instrumental in the safety of our BMX racers from Domestic and International local level to Olympic level Athletes. Pro Gate has been active and supports the local level racing and National level racing in the USA promoting the sport of BMX through its continued education and safety.

—Eric Bress, Track Builder

Pro Gate Testimonial by Track Builder, Eric Bress
Thanks to Pierce and the Pro Gate team. We are very greatfull to have this Gate in Quito, Ecuador at the MetroPista BMX Club.
 Emilio Falla
Olympic Athlete, Team Ecuador