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Tag: Pro Gate BMX

Pro Gate Auxiliary Air Tank

Auxiliary Air Tank

Perfect for mobile set-ups, and/or as an in-line backup for permanent installs, the Auxiliary Air Tank by Pro Gate brings some big air, even before your riders are on the track. The "Pro Gate Yellow" finish adds a level of cred to the head.
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Pro Gate Three-Piece Air Ram Attachment Pin Set

Three-Piece Pin Set

Part of the rock-solid gate system you seek is having a kung-fu grip between the brackets on the platform, the gate, and the air ram. Pro Gate's "Gatekeeper" three-piece pin set provides two industrial-strength, hardened steel pins and one yoke (AKA, "rod clevis;" which, when you think of it, would also be a great…
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Pro Gate Five-Port Splitter Box

Five-Port Splitter Box

The key component to joining two gate systems together (whether Pro Gate Juniors, or the big boys), Pro Gate's five-port splitter box gives orders to the ram and lights from one control box…like a boss!For More Information or To Order Any "GateKeeper" Products …
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Pro Gate Junior Control Box

Pro Gate Junior One-Button Control Box

There is a ton of tech packed into this handful of electric-blue. The Pro Gate Junior One-Button Control Box has smartly-simple trigger for your man on the hill. Plus, for the Track Operator who wants to dial-in perfection before race-day, our custom software allows you to control the drop velocity of the gate from one interface.…
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4-Pin Extension Cable

4-Pin Extension Cable

A full set of Pro Gate's 4-Pin Extension Cables will guar-on-tee your cables are locked, before your riders are loaded. All of our Gatekeeper products are tested to the highest standards of performance, durability and usability. The sturdy, modular four-pin connection features a threaded closure on each end to ensure a secure and…
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Pro Gate Conditioning Oil

F442 Conditioning Oil

Ever see a guy polishing up a pristine 1960s-era muscle car? Original in every way, from the day he drove it home after mowing lawns for 10 years to buy it. But how? Well, it's all about maintenance. Dude probably has the receipt for every oil change since the Beatles were…
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Pro Gate Filter/Regulator Kit

Filter/Regulator (FR) System

In the world of the unsung heroes of industrial systems design, acronyms sometimes take the place of normal human speech. In our little world, the FR is one of those items that is both mysterious, and super-cool, all at once. FR stands for Filter and Regulator, and the Pro Gate version does both spectacularly well.…
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Pro Gate BMX Starting Gate Shock Absorbers


"Gate Slams Down" is a common opening for many race announcers. Why? Because the gate. SLAMS. down. The force of most gates hitting the ground is enough to jar the fillings from the molars of anyone standing in a 10-foot radius--just imagine what it's doing to the welds and anchorages of your gate system. Some…
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