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Tag: BMX Starting Gates

Pro Gate LED Light Tree

LED Light Tree

Light up the start of your races with a Pro Gate LED light tree. A perfect physical specimen, with low-power in and bright power out. The US-made construction gives you a worry-free tree to get the races off, under sun or stars, for many moons. Available for Pro Gate and other compatible systems
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Pro Gate 12-Volt BMX Air Ram

12-Volt Air Ram

It should be no shock that the lower the voltage your gate runs, the less likely the risk for shorting out or zapping itself, or a trusted volunteer when the wet weather visits your track. Hey, it's not like that's a remote possibility, the way things have been in recent years. The Pro Gate 12-volt…
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Pro Gate 110-Volt Air Ram

110-Volt Air Ram

If you are running a legacy gate system, there is no reason you can't plug in to the reliability and service of a Pro Gate air ram. This 110-volt model is the same fine cookin as the 12-volt version we use on the Pro Gate systems, but engineered to use line-voltage instead of plugging…
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Pro Gate "Big Mouth" Powered Speaker

Pro Gate “Big Mouth” Speaker

As the name implies, the Big Mouth speaker makes your starter and cadence the king of the hill. This model is self-powered and ready to accept an XLR or 1/4" input and output, as well as a line-in that accepts RCA or XLR inputs. Precision dials on the back control panel allow you to…
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Pro Gate All-Weather Ram Cover

All-Weather Air Ram Cover

When your security is tight enough that you don't have to cram your ram in the equipment shed after each use, you can keep it set up, and the elements out with the Pro Gate Ram Cover. Corrosion-resistant aluminum looks great when the gate is silent, and requires almost-no maintenance (though we like to…
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Progate DeWalt Air Compressor

Pro Gate DeWalt Air Compressor

Greatness doesn't always require reinventing products to be more "Pro Gate" in nature. When it is required, of course, we get about it. But sometimes, we find already-in-progress products that help our customers do their thing more efficiently. Enter the BMX Starting Gate Compressor, by DeWalt. It's an all-in-one solution to running…
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Pro Gate Control Center Equipment Vault

Control Center Equipment Vault

Whether cold or sleet or hurricane rains, the Pro Gate Control Center Equipment Vault will protect your most-precious starter stuff from the weather. This burly box features light-and-strong aluminum construction, and all-around seals to keep the bad stuff out. Entry latches are both keyed to secure the goods from bad guys.
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