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Tag: BMX Starting Gate Control Boxes

Pro Gate Two-Button Starting Gate Trigger Box

Two-Button 3x Trigger Box

Two-buttons does it all for your 3x control system, this trigger box both controls the gate, and programs various aspects of its operation (instruction manual included).  Comes complete with a four-pin cable, with locking mechanisms on both ends.
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Pro Gate 3x 12-Volt BMX Starting Gate Control Box

3x 12-Volt Control Box​

The Pro Gate 12-volt control box was as revolutionary when it was released, nearly 15 years ago, as it is today. Refined over the years to keep pace with technology and experience, it's better-than-ever today.​
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Pro Gate 3x 110-Volt BMX Starting Gate Control Box

3x 110-Volt Control Box​

Classics never die. This is the bulletproof control box that started it all. Run your Pro Gate system off Line Voltage, and enjoy peak reliability for your system.​
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Pro Gate CK-0716 BMX Starting Gate Control Box

CK-0716 Control Box​

Introducing the gate control box for the masses! We started with a clean sheet of paper and looked at what tracks really needed in a gate controller. The CK-0716 is reliable, easy to use, and easy to integrate into your existing gate. When you're ready to upgrade to a Pro Gate Straight-8 or Crescent-8, your…
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