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SpeedMeter Timing System

Having a timing system as part of your gate training is a lot like having air in your tires–not absolutely necessary, but so much more productive when you have it. You can still rip gates for training, and get all the benefits thereof…but sooner or later you are going to want to start keeping a time log to see how your numbers are looking. Pro Gate’s SpeedMeter Timing System is Pro Class hardware at an expert class price. So fill those log books without emptying your pockets.

The SpeedMeter 2P2 (shown) has a maximum time of five seconds, and counts in .001 second intervals, perfect for 0-to-30-foot measurements. Also available: the 2P9 which has a max-time of 10 minutes and measures in full-second intervals – best for MTB.

The system can be used with any gate. It starts timing when the gate drops, and stops when the rider’s front wheel crosses the beam.

Includes display, cables, opto isolator and sending + receiving beams.