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Pro Gate Junior

Pro Gate Junior is the answer to years of rider requests for a quality BMX starting gate system they can use at home. The garage-built gates just don’t mimic the exact specs of the starting system at the track.

Our eight rider gates have been used train world-class athletes at their track or training center of choice. If you’ve seen one in action, you know it is a serious piece of hardware, built for the big show on the biggest days in racing. That “industrial strength” is required for the UCI Worlds and the Olympic Games, but not for your driveway rig.

So, we set out to develop a “prosumer-grade” system that met our high standards, but was more affordable, and easier to use. The result of that development is Pro Gate Junior. Now, you’re never more than a five-minute setup away from rippin’ gates at home.

Pro Gate Junior includes an integrated ramp/gate, innovative “one-touch” controls, lights, speaker and supporting hoses and hardware to make your home rig as serious as the one on the starting hill, but super-easy to set up every day.

Two Pro Gate Junior rigs can be joined together for two-rider practice sessions. Check out the PDF brochure for photos of that in action.

Call, or complete the form below for more info on the big daddy of BMX practice gates, Pro Gate Junior.

Two models are now available:  The complete kit, which includes gate, ramp, air ram, control box, hoses, lights, speaker, cables and storage box; and a package where you build your own ramp, and we supply everything else.


Single-Rider – $2,599
includes: gate, ramp, air ram, control box, hoses, lights, speaker, cables and storage box

Two-Rider – $4,474
includes: two full systems (as noted above), as well as necessary hoses and cables to pair the systems

Insert-and-Controls-Only – $1,800
Build your own ramp.  Package includes: gate, control box, lights, speaker, cables and storage box

*Above prices do not include shipping. Add $595 for single and $695 for double systems.


Pro Gate Junior 10/15 Adapter