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Gate Systems

Pro Gate Junio Personal BMX Practice Gate

Pro Gate Junior

For years our eight rider gates have been used train world-class athletes at their track or training center of choice. If you’ve seen one in action, you know it is a serious piece of hardware, built for the big show on the big days in racing. That “industrial strength” is required for the UCI Worlds,…
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Pro Gate Crescent-8 BMX Starting Gate System


As the world standard for UCI Challenge Classes, our Crescent-8 starting system is another example of how Pro Gate is working to evolve safety and innovation in the sport. Following a successful rollout last year, Pro Gate Crescent-8 is catching on worldwide as the de-facto “safety gate” for top tracks. As a modular system, choose…
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Pro Gate - Straight-4 MTB Starting Gate System


The Pro Gate Straight-4 starting system takes the time-tested engineering and components of our Straight-8 system and brings it into a four-rider configuration. It’s a slimmer version of the gate used in the Olympic Games, UCI BMX World Championships and UCI Supercross World Cup. Ideal for four-cross, or any discipline using a “quattro” format, the 4-Rider…
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Pro Gate Crescent Lite

Crescent-8 Lite

A full Crescent system comes complete with starting deck and launch ramp. Some existing tracks prefer to keep things as-is, except for the gate, itself. They create an in-ground solution to "sink" the drop section on their existing starting hill. Complete with the legendary Pro Gate controls, of course. For such applications, we have "unbundled"…
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Pro Gate Crescent 4


When competition is at its best, the senses of the athletes in the gate are at their highest. Sometimes, the anticipation to “go” is too much, or something goes wrong at the last second, and a rider ends up over-the-gate. With Pro Gate Crescent-4, an accidental trip over the bars may not be pretty, but…
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