The Global Standard for BMX Starting Gates and BMX Practice Gates

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About Pro Gate

About Pro Gate

Pro Gate is BMX-meets-real-deal-engineering. All our products start with rider, track-operator and race-promoter input. Next, professional engineers who create machines for major manufacturing companies get to work designing and building.

Then it’s back to the track, where prototypes are tested, and the fine-tuning that brings together those two very-different worlds takes place. The end result is a family of products that BMXers around the world can count on, year in and year out. A product line that meets, or exceeds, global standards for safety, operability and durability.

Those who appreciate great product design know the level of innovation and care by which Pro Gate products make their way to market. Those who ride know, “it just works…every time.”

Pictured (L to R):
Dan Doherty, Plant Manager
Jay Patch, Operations Manager
Pierce Barker III, President


29 Airport Drive
Rockford, IL 61109 USA
Phone: +1 (815) 218-7683
Email us for pricing information

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