´╗┐ProStuff LLC was started in 2004 in Rockford, Illinois by Pierce Barker III, Ed Doherty and Roger Johns as a side project that has blossomed into an unforseen, wild and successful business venture.  What started out as a small 3 man operation has matured into a successful corporation posessing 8 full time employees and distribution agents set up all over the world.

ProStuff LLC is the UCI international standard for BMX and Mountain Bike race gates.  We are the exclusive BMX and Mountain Bike start gate equipment supplier for UCI and USA Cycling.  We have systems in over 42 countries...and growing.

ProGate start gates are the most reliable, safest and overall #1 start gates in the world which is why we are the international standard for BMX + Mountain Bike start gates through UCI.  ProStuff has been an innovator in relation to safety issues in the BMX community ever since our inception.  Our soft hit design on all of our gates is just one example of contributing to rider safety, not to mention an extreme decrease in noise level!!!

    The ProGate guys posing for a pic at the 2008 ABA Grands in Tulsa, OK

           The fearless leader of ProStuff LLC, Pierce Barker III, at the 2008 ABA Grands

The ProGate guys heading to Washington, Dc to receive the President's E Award for excellence in exporting