8 Rider UCI Safety ProGate at Whangarei BMX Club In New Zealand


Standard UCI ProStuff 1X Controls

(Includes:  Brain box, 10' brain box cable, 2 small speakers, 1x power box, auto ranging charger, small light set with standard cable, carrying case, + operating instructions)

2x/3x Power Box UPGRADE

33' Ram Cable 

Large UCI Track Light Set 

66' Light Cable 

Large FRL Combo

Large FRL Replacement Filter Element

2 Rider ProGates 

Horizontal Gate Side Extensions 

Air Rams (1 for each 2 rider gate) 

Main Air Control Valve 

Piping Manifold Connecting All Gates 

Gate Fall Speed Control 

Mechanical Link to Connect All Gates Together 

Advertising Plates 

Ramp Assembly with Folding Dirt Transition Panels for Top Deck Section

Amplified (Master) Track Pack Speaker

Non Amplified (Slave) Track Pack Speaker 

50' Speaker Cable