Standard UCI/ProStuff MTB Straight 4X Gate (Top deck package only):  12 feet long by 5 feet wide, includes front drop section and dirt transition panels, no air ram or controls.

Includes:  Top deck section gate with 2 ShockStoppers + dirt transition panels ONLY (No air ram or controls)

Standard UCI ProGate Standard 1X Control Set + Air Ram Package

Includes:  12V DC ProStuff air ram, 33' air ram cable, standard UCI/ProStuff 1X controls  (Brain box, 10' brain box cable, 2 small speakers, 1x power box, auto ranging charger, small light set with standard cable, carrying case, + operating instructions)

2X Power Box UPGRADE
Large UCI Track Light Set
66' Light Cable
Amplified (Master) Track Pack Speaker
Non Amplified (Slave) Track Pack Speaker
50' Speaker Cable
Large FRL Combo
Large FRL Replacement Filter Element
Set of Air Ram Brackets (Welded brackets that include gate + ramp pieces)
3 Piece Pin Set (Used to mount air ram to gate brackets, includes 2 pins + 1 yoke)