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Pro Gate and UCI have had a successful partnership for years. It is a partnership based on our understanding of their need for flawless racing every time, and their confidence that we will deliver a starting system that can do the job without fail, every time.

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Pro Gate Junior

The primo personal training system for anyone who obsesses over getting rippin holeshots on raceday. Pro Gate Junior has all the components you need for a legit set up that mirrors what you\'ll find at the track.

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Crescent Pro Gate

The newest member of the Pro Gate family of products, Crescent offers all of the heft of an all-steel gate, but with a design that all-but eliminates the possibility of pinch injuries that can happen when hands and feet are where they are not supposed to be.

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Pro Gate News

  • Free Pro Gate Clinics at the 2014 Grands

    4 months ago

    The free gate clinics we sponsored at last year’s Grands were a huge hit, with almost 300 riders participating. This year, we have a new gate and have added a two-hour Wednesday clinic with Dom and Tim Daniels, in addition to two one-hour clinics on Thursday to give you a big head start on the weekend.

  • Set Up Right for a Great Gate Start

    8 months ago

    Mike Day and Donny Robinson recently started a new virtual BMX coaching company, Pedals 2 Medals. Today, Mike guest posts here on with one of the articles on their free weekly email tip known as #WinningWednesdays.

  • Interview: Olijuwon Davis on Grands Clinics

    1 year ago

    Interviewed by Mike Carruth As we edge closer now to 2014, when everyone will be upping their game with a clean slate of points and new titles to chase. We want to talk a little about how riders can ramp up their performance when coming down the hill. For that, we’re joined by Factory Doublecross A-Pro, Olijuwon Davis.

  • Congratulations to Tyler Whitfield!

    1 year ago

    Last weekend, at the 2013 National BMX Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, Pro Gate supported athlete, and Rockford BMX local, Tyler Whitfield accepted the very first Hall Of Fame Scholarship from the National BMX Hall Of Fame. Tyler was introduced by USA BMX CEO and Chairman of the Hall Of Fame, BA Anderson.

  • Go Time for the Pro Gate Go Team

    2 years ago

    The Pro Gate “go” team is on-scene at the US Olympic Training Center/Chula Vista for the finale to the 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Series. Here’s Pierce “Mr. Pro Gate” Barker waking up the London Track Pro Gate for its starring role in the action.

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